"Come take a look at the world through my eyes. In my fine art pieces I take a look at the past, present, and future dealing with good and bad times, conflict and happiness as it relates to my own life. I use natural wood, metal, glass, and a variety of other materials allowing me to create a world of my own."
- Aaron Reimers
It seems like ever since I can remember, I have loved to build. As a kid it was building with Lego's and forts. I always had to figure out how things worked, and if I didn't like the way it was I would make it into something that made more sense. As I got older the things I made began to become sculptures.

In 1997, when I was at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, my eyes were opened to a world of art with functionality. My first trip to S.O.F.A. (Sculpture Objects Functional Art) is what made me realize that art could be more than just art, it could be functional too.

Now everything I build has some amount of functionality, for example, the obvious would be a table or a chair, something not so obvious would be adding light to something to help create a mood.

At Kendall College of Art and Design, I had a professor that helped further my ability in making my fine art furniture have a "flow". Through the many influential people that I have come across they have all helped further my knowledge in making high quality pieces.
Some the inspirations for my work are Wendell Castle, Gary Knox Bennett, and Albert Paley. In Wendell's earlier works, I liked the fact that he used natural wood and he had a great ability in carving. Gary Knox Bennett has pieces that are completely different from anything that I had ever seen. Not only do I have a love for wood but I also have a love for metal.Albert Paley can do things with metal that to this day still boggles my mind. The work that these people and others have done has led me to what I do today.

My goal has always been to have my own company and to be able to give people what they are looking for but can't find anywhere. With that in mind I decided to start my company, Anarchy Furniture Products LLC, in 2005.

I use life's experiences as an inspiration in my art. I build one-of-a-kind pieces so that each one is unique and different. And the future can only tell what is next.

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